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Transfer Credit

Transfer credit or credit awarded for completion of a certificate program.

Our University

Southern Californian International University (SCIU) provides equal access to high-quality education regardless of socioeconomic status, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, nationality, or other factors.

Our online academic program helps students enhance current careers or prepares them for future careers of their choice. No matter where you are in the world, you can stay connected to the University staff and your classmates through our global network groups.

The University offers highly innovative, exciting, engaging academic programs designed to provide easy access and to meet all students’ needs.

What makes SCIU especially exciting?

Learning at your convenience

SCIU students don’t need to stress about our fast-paced world today. They can learn at their own pace.

Supportive learning

Professors provide academic expertise, guidance, and feedback. More than that, our specialists are always available to help with any questions or concerns.

Progress monitoring charts

SCIU provides real time academic progress. You are able to track your progress, motivate yourselves, and set your own progress goals.

Engaging, practical and fun

The university offers complete degree programs – MBA and Bachelor’s – at an extraordinarily low cost so that students can afford to pursue their studies with minimal financial burden. In fact, we offer our programs at a cost lower than almost all other American universities.

Time and location flexibility

SCIU allows you to determine where and when you complete your individual courses and your overall academic program. You may study at work, at home, while traveling — anywhere and anytime. You can adapt your academic program to meet the demands of your schedule.

US learning with no travel costs

SCIU provides access to leading business professionals in the U.S. Students have the opportunity to learn from the best professors and business people in the comfort of their own home and to earn their degree from any continent in the world.



SCIU often offers promotional plans that reduce the costs of studying even further; students are encouraged to explore such plans with SCIU staff.

Our Journey Together

1st STEP: Choose the Program

Explore our bachelor’s and masters’s programs, then choose the one that suits you.

2nd STEP: Apply for Admission

Nothing easier! Just complete the admission form with the required information (name, phone, e-mail, location and program).

3rd STEP: Wait for Confirmation

Wait for our confirmation (within 24 hours), then log in into your personal account.

4th STEP: Purchase the Program

Choose a payment option (entirely or quarterly) and purchase the program with a credit card or bank transfer.

5th STEP: Upload Documents

Provide us your documents by uploading them in your account section: passport / ID card and your last diploma and transcript (translated in English by an authorized translator) in 90 days term after enrolling.

6th STEP: Congratulations!

After the payment, you’ll receive access to your first courses and you can start studying. At the end of each course you can take your online exams.

Our Students from Around the World

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