Doctorate of Business Administration


Course Type

Post-Master, Distance learning


Year round (open enrollment)


3 and a half or more

Teaching Methods

Online study

Course start date

Year round 


16 courses and dissertation




Master’s Degree

Total Units

60 units in total

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Gain a Global Perspective of Business
The SCIU’s Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Degree Program is
designed to help aspiring business leaders acquire the knowledge and skills
they need to solve real-world business problems and to advance in their
current careers or toward exciting new career opportunities






DBA's Structure

Our Doctorate’s Program consists of three main parts.

Core Curriculum

Success Fromula:
14 courses x 3 units/course =
42 units


Up to 2 years




1. Organizational Leadership
2. Business Strategy
3. Decision Making for Business
4. Strategic Communication
5. Business Ethics
6. Strategic Finance
7. Business Analysis: Understanding and
Using Qualitative and Quantitative Data
8. Contemporary Technology for Business
9. Global Business Today
10. Human Resource Management
11. Marketing
12. Operations Management
13. Economics
14. Organizational Change


Success Fromula:
2 courses x 3 units/course =
6 units


Up to 1/2 years


of your choice


1. Leadership
2. International Business
3. Finance
4. Digital Marketing
5. Entrepreneurship
6. Self-Designed


Success Fromula:
2 courses x 3 units/course =
12 units


Up to 1 year (undertaken
concomitantly with
Specialization courses)

of your choice


An original and useful written product
demonstrating leadership in the
development of solutions to a complex
organizational problem. Alternatively,
students can, with permission, design
and implement a special project intended
to address a real organizational or
community problem that results in a
written plan and a written final results

Become the Best Entrepreneur

The curriculum of the DBA prepares graduates to:

Exercise leadership in multiple types of businesses – at many different levels and in many different sectors – and do so with a strong commitment to ethical practices;
Think and act strategically to help a business prosper;
Effect change within many different business contexts;
Understand and utilize the rapidly expanding technologies available today to enhance business operations;
Know how businesses today must often have a global perspective and be able to act appropriately on that knowledge;
Know how to analyze and use data to create business success.

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Target Sectors

  • Consulting
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Owner-Entrepreneur
  • Human Resources
  • Policy Advising
  • Retail

Job Opportunities

  • Research Analyst
  • Compliance Officer
  • CFO
  • Operations Manager
  • Director of Marketing
  • Financial Analyst
  • Accountant
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Healthcare Manager

Study smarter, not harder!
Get up to 50% of your Doctorate of Business Administration degree with our Transfer Credit Program!

Students who have completed master’s level courses that are, upon careful review, nearly equivalent to courses required by the Doctoral program core curriculum or specialization courses may be granted transfer credit of up to 9 semester units (3 SCIU doctoral courses). 

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