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Gain a Global Perspective of Business
The Southern Californian International University (SCIU) offers a unique, distinctive online Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program for international students from around the world. Though based in Southern California and characterized by the innovative, interactive, entrepreneurial spirit of California and of the United States at large, SCIU – and the MBA program in particular – is truly international in scope, with diverse students from many nations and with a curriculum that emphasizes international learning and international business.



Year round (open enrollment)

Course start date

Year round 


Bachelor’s Degree

Teaching Methods

Online study


12 courses in max. 4 semesters

Course Type

Postgraduate, Distance learning




6 months up to 2 years

Total Units

12 courses total (48 units)

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until November 15th, 2017






SCIU often offers promotional plans that reduce the costs of studying even further; students are encouraged to explore such plans with SCIU staff.

Our Journey Together

1st STEP

Choose the program

Explore our bachelor’s and masters’s programs, then choose the one that suits you.

2nd STEP

Apply for Admission

Nothing easier! Just complete the admission form (required information: name, phone, e-mail, location and program). *As soon as you send us your documents (at least your ID/passport) to, you will receive your student account information.

3rd STEP

Wait for Confirmation

Wait for our confirmation (within 24 hours), then log in into your personal account.

4th STEP

Purchase the Program

Until November 15th you can save 20{e483246796e4fb39c007e46398e0bf68a0e694442ebf689ff789ef4e845dc17d} off for tuition. Choose a payment option (entirely or half) and purchase the program with a credit card or bank transfer.

5th STEP

Upload your Documents

within 90 days

Provide us your documents by uploading them in your account section: passport/ID card and your bachelor’s diploma and transcript (translated in English by an authorized translator) in 90 days term after enrolling.

6th STEP


You’ve become our student!

After the payment, you’ll receive access to your first courses and you can start studying. At the end of each course you can take your online exams.

William S. Howe, III, Ph.D.

Dean of the MBA Program and Vice President of Academic Affairs

Dr. Howe earned the Ph.D. at Stanford University and also holds master’s degrees from Harvard University and the University of Massachusetts.

He has served for 30 years as a professor within the areas of leadership studies, business, education, and arts and sciences, and has been an administrator in higher education for 15 years. Dr. Howe has developed new schools and programs in several university contexts, has taught in international schools, and has helped develop a new online university in Los Angeles, CA.

Dr. Howe has developed the “Leadership” course in the MBA program and the “Happiness, Success, and Meaning” course for the General Education component of the Bachelor of Science program.


20{e483246796e4fb39c007e46398e0bf68a0e694442ebf689ff789ef4e845dc17d} OFF & FREE REGISTRATION

until November 15th, 2017


SCIU often offers promotional plans that reduce the costs of studying even further; students are encouraged to explore such plans with SCIU staff.

Target Sectors

?Finance and Accounting
?Marketing and Communications
?Human Resources
?Policy Advising

Job Opportunities

?Research Analyst
?Compliance Officer
?Operations Manager
?Director of Marketing
?Financial Analyst
?Human Resources Manager
?Healthcare Manager



$3040 Full Payment

until November 15th, 2017

This option provides full program tuition at a remarkably low cost, but it also provides a limited-time 20{e483246796e4fb39c007e46398e0bf68a0e694442ebf689ff789ef4e845dc17d} reduction in that tuition. Few universities anywhere in the world can offer a full MBA Degree at this exceptionally low cost.


$ 3800 

$3420 In 2 Payments

$1900 until November 15th, 2017

This option still provides a full low-cost MBA Degree, but allows for the flexibility of paying in 2 equal installments with a limited-time 10{e483246796e4fb39c007e46398e0bf68a0e694442ebf689ff789ef4e845dc17d} tuition reduction.

Both options include:

Downloadable content for all 12 courses
Final exams and scoring for all 12 courses
Progress monitored throughout the program
Student advisor and phone/chat assistance
Interaction opportunities with other students
Recommendation letter at the conclusion of the program
Shipping of diploma when the program has been completed
Personalized SCIU email account
The possibility of becoming an SCIU associate
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Southern Californian International University stands by our curriculum and the quality of the education we provide to all of our students.  All refund requests are reviewed and taken very seriously by the university.  If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with the program, we offer a full refund — 100{e483246796e4fb39c007e46398e0bf68a0e694442ebf689ff789ef4e845dc17d} of the paid tuition — within 30 days of the first payment by the student, excluding banking expenses.

Study smarter, not harder!
Get up to 20{e483246796e4fb39c007e46398e0bf68a0e694442ebf689ff789ef4e845dc17d} of your MBA degree with our Transfer Credit Program!

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You must submit your diploma/transcript by email within 90 days of SCIU's approval of your enrollment. If your diploma or transcript is not in English, you must provide us with an official translation.

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