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Christopher Paniccia, Mat, MS, MFA, CAGS

Dean of Continuing Education

Christopher Paniccia has been a Professor in the Education and Art Departments of Bridgewater State University for the last Twenty Five Years. Undergraduate courses taught include drawing, painting, printmaking, and art history. Education courses include, methods courses, and all subject areas. Graduate courses include all art subjects as well as portfolio review. Education Graduate courses include all methods courses and individual subject areas.

As a tenured professor I am required to teach all General Education Courses. These courses include math, science, and history courses. I have taught multiple business courses including statistics, marketing, and ethics.

For the last ten years I have been teaching for the Education Department of Cambridge College. Main responsibilities include Graduate courses in math, science, history, and methods. As a professor I am Graduate Advisor to all NITE (National Institute Teaching and Education)students that come from all over the United States. As Graduate Advisor responsibilities include mentoring each Graduate student in every aspect of their Graduate Thesis/Project. Following the project to completion as well as sitting on the board for defense of their project.

For the last fifteen years I have taught in the International Education Program for Framingham State University. Courses taught include, all education courses in all subjects, focus is on technology courses. The International Education Program teaches students from around the world. Sites include, St. Petersburg Russia, Monterey, Brazil, and Scotland.