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Juancho A. Lim, Ph.D.

Professor of “Operations Management” and “Organizational Change and Transformation”, MBA program

My name is Juancho A. Lim. You can call me, “Dr. Lim”. In 2008, I earned my Ph.D. in Business Administration (specialization in Organizational Leadership) from Northcentral University. In 2004, I graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Master of Business Administration degree. Both my doctoral and master’s programs were delivered using the online learning modality. My bachelor’s degree was in Chemical Engineering. I had both on-campus and online teaching experience. Throughout my academic journey, I have always been fascinated by teaching, either online or ground. For me, teaching is the noblest profession because not only is knowledge freely shared, but most importantly learning skills are developed and practiced. My research interests are in the areas of active coping, leadership, and chaotic organizational change. I have published articles on these subjects in recent years.

For 28 years, I worked for the United States Postal Service (USPS) as the lead tour manager of distribution operations in a large processing and distribution center in San Diego, California. As the tour leader, I was responsible for over 400 “culturally diverse” craft employees and 18 supervisors on the workroom floor. My job was filled with daily challenges that allowed me to apply my leadership and managerial skills into practice. To meet our postal mission, I used both human and technological resources to provide the American customer; e.g. household and business with consistent, reliable, and secure postal products at affordable prices. As you may know, the USPS leadership has been on the cutting edge of innovation and dynamic change throughout the mailing industry. We take pride in what we have accomplished over these years – a sustainable organization poised for breakthrough service performance levels. Prior to joining the USPS, I worked as a research chemist for an industrial reverse osmosis (RO) company.

In addition, I had the great privilege of teaching online classes at the University of Phoenix. The past eight years were filled with fun and satisfaction as I guided the online students to optimize their learning while they worked and took care of their families. I am fortunate to have been a part of their successful educational journey and will continue to make a difference in the life of any online student across the world.

My wife, Froila, keeps me busy around the house. We have a wonderful 24-year old daughter, Jordan who completed her BS in Microbiology degree at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. She is now working for a major pharmaceutical company. We are fortunate to have a beta fish “Luna” who keeps us grounded with laughter and simple joys. In my spare time, I like to take leisurely walks around the park, “wrestle” with the treadmill, and read articles on leadership and organizational change. I must say that I am hooked on the TV shows, “Cold Case” and Criminal Minds”.

Well, enough about me. I am delighted to be here and I look forward to meeting and learning with you all in class!

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