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Keisha Michelle Nleka, MS

Professor and Developer of SCIU courses in the area of communication

I’m Mrs. Keisha Michelle Nleka!!! I currently reside in Huntsville, Alabama with Mr. Nuka Nleka the love of my life. We met in our doctorate programs at Capella University on December 30, 2014 in Orlando, Florida at our Track 2 Colloquium where we were happily married 6 months afterwards on June 12, 2015. I was recently brought on board by Southern Californian International University as their Instructional Curriculum Developer& Faculty Member for Business Administration & Information Technology courses. I was recently hired as a Virtual Career & Technical Education Educator at Virtual Schools of Excellence as their K-12 Educator online & at a brand-new university at Los Angeles Technology & Management University (LATMU) as their Computer Science Faculty Member online.

I have been in the field of Information Technology for 30 years, and I have done everything from Project Management, Computer Programming, Web Development & Design, Networking Administration, Technical Support, System Analyst 1 & 2, Help Desk Administrator, and cyber security within the federal government. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work for many companies such as: Kaplan University as their Help Desk Administrator, and Systems Analyst 1 & 2 Expert where I taught many Information Technology Introduction courses. I’ve transitioned into working at Lawson State Community College located in Birmingham, Alabama where I was the only female at that time teaching Information Technology courses. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work at Capella University as a Teaching Assistant when I was pursuing a Doctorate of Philosophy of Information Technology with an Assurance & Security specialization where I taught Introduction to Database Management courses within their School of Business & Administration department. I’ve also had the privilege of working for Ashworth College for 3 wonderful years as their Faculty Member teaching business and information technology courses online within their School of Business & Technology.

I attended Capella University pursing my first Doctorate of Philosophy in Information Technology with an Assurance & Security specialization where I finished the coursework, three doctorate colloquiums and entered the third dissertation quarter when I ran out of funding. As of now I will transfer to a new university to finish my program possibly in cyber security. I have an earned Master of Science in Higher Education with a College Teaching & Learning specialization and an Information Technology concentration. I have an earned advanced Bachelor of Science in Information Technology-Network Administration, and an Associate of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies-Educational paraprofessional all from Kaplan University.