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Message from the President

I have had a dream for more than ten years – a dream of reaching out to people around the world and making a difference in their lives. And I have believed in that dream, believed that even touching only a few people could have a positive effect upon the world, making it perhaps a slightly better world, if possible, and making the lives of those people more meaningful, satisfying, and happy. Call it the desire to have a legacy, the innate feeling that we all must do something to contribute to humanity, or the natural, genetic predisposition in each of us – so the evolutionary biologists claim – that we are altruistic, social beings who seek our common welfare. Whatever we call it, it has seized hold of me and compelled me to do something substantive or something that would, at the very least, bring smiles to a few people’s faces in places as remote from my native Europe as India and China, Africa, or South America. Similarly, too, I have looked around at the state of our planet and have recognized, as I know many others have too, that we must make intentional efforts to overcome the problems that face us – international conflict, poverty, war, terrorism, environmental degradation, and, above all else perhaps, the capacity of humanity to survive and to live optimally amidst each other.

Now I have the opportunity to fulfill that dream, to realize it through the incredible power of education. The very word “education” speaks to what I seek to do; it means “to lead out of,” and I want to lead people out of whatever may limit them and into ever more expansive, fulfilling perspectives, so that they may flourish personally but also become more effective citizens of their communities, their nations, and the world. I want to “inspire,” which means, from its Latin root, to “breathe into” – to share with them the same passion for human optimization that has taken hold of me in my quest to serve others, and to help them understand that we all must serve others and help each person emerge into his or her best self.

I came to the United States in 1985 after being captured and imprisoned by a dictatorial, malignant regime that wanted to compel people to be less than they were capable of being. I was ecstatic at that point to have escaped the fetters of a government that wanted only obedience and conforming to the social norm, thrilled to be in America, where I could be free to learn and grow and realize my dream. Now I want to share that dream with people around the world who are eager to become everything they can possibly be and realize the possibilities that await them as fully awakened human beings on our beautiful planet.

Southern Californian International University is the zenith of my dream, the chance to bring the freedom and the passion of a locale like Southern California – a place to which people have looked as the land of gold and youth and open-minded innovation – to all countries and all cultures of our planet, a place where the dreams of the gold-miners, the followers of the sun, the movie makers, and, more recently, the biotechnologists in pursuit of radically novel ideas and practices, can, through education, be shared with the international community in order to help people everywhere dream on and on and on, and realize those dreams in real businesses and real ventures.

We are here waiting for you to join us – Southern Californian International University, where the land of dreams is linked by the internet with the entire globe, where the cost of a transformational education is as low as one can find anywhere, and where access to your personal dream is immediate – here and now!

Come join the dream!

Omar Garcia,

        +1(619) 906-7070


180 N. Main Str, # 3240

St. George, UT 84770, US




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