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  1. 1. The interactive framework for leadership focuses on:1
  2. 2. Today leadership learning and development tend to focus on:1
  3. 3. The trait perspective on leadership tends to focus on:1
  4. 4. The Myers-Briggs (or “Kiersey”) Type Indicator (MBTI) is a means of assessing a leader’s:1
  5. 5. Ethics is important to leadership:1
  6. 6. Ethics is:1
  7. 7. Ethical considerations are:1
  8. 8. Nike’s sweatshops reflect:1
  9. 9. Today the following is generally true of good leadership:1
  10. 10. Reward power is:1
  11. 11. Legitimate power is:1
  12. 12. Leaders should:1
  13. 13. Gen Norm Schwarzkopf argues that there is:1
  14. 14. Gen. Norm Schwarzkopf says:1
  15. 15. What does King Henry V say to inspire his men:1
  16. 16. According to Vanessa Loder, great leaders motivate their teams by:1
  17. 17. At the top level of Maslow’s hierarchy of motivation is:1
  18. 18. Demotivators for employees include:1
  19. 19. MacGregor’s Theory X of motivation assumes that:1
  20. 20. David McClelland’s Needs Theory of motivation includes:1
  21. 21. According to David Hackman, teams need:1
  22. 22. The following is important for a leader to consider in developing teams:1
  23. 23. According to David Marquet, leaders should:1
  24. 24. Blanchard and Hersey’s Situational Leadership Theory includes:1
  25. 25. According to the Center for Creative Leadership, change leadership operates at which set of levels:1
  26. 26. Robert Lewin expressed the following 3 stages of change:1
  27. 27. Douglas Ready says successful change leaders do the following well:1
  28. 28. H. James Dallas says the following is a must-have skill for leaders as they attempt to manage change:1
  29. 29. Which of the following is NOT a step in Kotter’s 8-step process for leading change:1
  30. 30. Kouzes and Posner argue that one of the most important things a leader can do is:1