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  1. Operations Management deals with the production of goods and/or services that customers buy and use. This function enables business managers to achieve their goals through efficient acquisition and utilization of resources.1
  2. In process management, decisions are left to the business leader, and not necessarily to the process owners.1
  3. Adding new product development times through supply-chain management will enable the firm to begin generating revenue more quickly and get a better foothold in the market.1
  4. Placing inventory close to the customer reduces the lag time between receiving an order and delivering a product.1
  5. Causal methods and time series analysis are two useful factors in choosing the right forecasting approach.1
  6. Material requirements planning (MRP) adds to the overall costs to the company and therefore is not a useful system to use.1
  7. Operations need new innovative technologies to provide better customer value and remain competitive in the marketplace.1
  8. Information technology can effectively replace the one-on-one customer interaction in almost any case.1
  9. Hiring the best qualified applicants for a job is all it takes to run operations smoothly and efficiently.1
  10. When robotics is installed in manufacturing operations, employees can be removed quickly for cost reduction.1
  11. Total quality management can be ingrained in companies with great1
  12. Sustainability efforts are most effective when1
  13. These components of inventory system are important for success:1
  14. Materials management is assigned mainly to1
  15. All company employees are typically considered as1
  16. Supply-chain integration invariably results in1
  17. Information security depends on1
  18. Information-sharing can best be achieved through1
  19. Scheduling and staffing is critical for having1
  20. Performance incentive programs are aimed at1
  21. Operator A produces 1000 widgets in an 8-hour shift. If the target productivity is set at 100 widgets per hour, what is operator A’s productivity level?1
  22. In ABC Enterprise, quality is important in selling their product. Last month, production wasted 100 units from an output of 5000 finished products. The defect rate is1
  23. Lean Six Sigma methodology is a strict compliance to quality. In Alpha Beta Consolidators, it was determined that 3 bags were thrown out of 1500 due to noncompliance. The average production of bags is 2000 a month. Here the DPMO is1
  24. Management is concerned that the multifactor productivity would fall below expectations this month. If sales total $6.25M and overall costs wind up at $8.2M, the index will fall to1
  25. Company B has been experiencing employee turnover at such a high rate. If 10 employees resign and 13 retire, what would be the attrition rate for a base of 500 employees?1
  26. The ratio of the average inventory value to the weekly sales at cost is called1
  27. Operations managers measure ____________ by comparing output to input1
  28. Deming advocated _______________ to improve organizational quality at each level.1
  29. Small incremental and orderly changes are known as _________.1
  30. In human resource management, _________ negatively affects staffing and scheduling.1
  31. To improve _________, managers must keep sales at cost to inventory value at acceptable levels.1
  32. In addition to purchasing and distribution, a good ____________________ can create lasting value for both customers and suppliers1
  33. To reduce or avoid running out of inventories, managers can use ________________ to estimate future material and product flows.1
  34. In operations, the three areas of technology of particular interest to managers are product, process, and ____________.1
  35. Of increasing magnitude and scope, the threat of _____________ will continually affect global organizations.1
  36. The strict methodology that many operations managers use today which considers process defects and economics is called _______________________.1
  37. _____________ is the process of maintaining adequate levels of supply and delivery for internal and external customers.1
  38. The process discipline __________________ looks skillfully at cost effective inventory levels for reorder decision making and action.1
  39. The influence brought about by the _____________ has improved the way information is shared virtually around the world.1
  40. During times of organizational change, employees with good ______ skills can respond to job threats and changes more readily.1