Vision and Mission

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Vision and Mission

Southern Californian International University will pursue this vision through it’s mission.

Recruiting the best and most diverse professors into the university;

Developing a flexible and creative learning response to National and Global needs;

Providing equal access to high-quality education regardless of socioeconomic status or income, location, gender, race, age or religion;

Preparing our students for a brilliant future by educating, creating knowledge and getting them ready to put knowledge to work on a large scale and with excellence;

Promoting innovation, distinction and leadership in academic pursuits;

Establishing transparent opportunities for lifelong knowledge and supportive staff.


The following core values represent deeply-held commitments that create every policy and steer every action.
These values are core to our academic, as well as personal relationships:


It’s manifested in a variety of experiential learning opportunities for students.


We support intellectual freedom, courage and creativity.
We encourage the pursuit of innovation and opportunities.


We are committed to the success of our students as well as collaboration between faculty and students.


We strive for excellence in everything we do.Excellence in teaching, creative endeavors, student services, as well as ensuring our institutional effectiveness and efficiency.

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